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Fixer Uppers: Mass Profit or Money Pit?

Euphemistically known as “original condition” or “handyman special”, a fixer upper generally appeals to two categories of people: The first-time homebuyer and the investor....

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Everything You Need to Know About What Stays and What Goes When Buying or Selling a Home

Believe it or not, a seemingly inconsequential disagreement over blue jacquard curtains can come between you and the purchase or sale of a home. Unfortunately, when selling a home what goes and what stays is...

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A Local Real Estate Agent was developed to provide a convenient, hassle-free service for home buyers and sellers. Our goal is to become the premiere resource for connecting clients with real estate agents.

Real estate professionals currently face a unique conundrum. Despite ongoing low mortgage rates, house values rising at record speed and increasing home equity, proposed anti-spam and strictly enforced do-not-call lists make it challenging for agents to effectively market their services.

Telephone and email are two primary contact sources, and as a result, communications with potential clients can be difficult at best and nonexistent at worst. Purchasing web space or wasting precious time soliciting door-to-door is costly and one-sided, often failing to target the right audience at the right time. To compound these issues further, competition among agents is fierce.

A Local Real Estate Agent offers a low cost solution to turn prospective home buyers and sellers alike into clients: Your clients.

A Local Real Estate Agent is a unique and exclusive service wherein these buyers and sellers contact only you when they are ready to enter the real estate market. Simply, they come to you when they need you. No competition, no costly advertising, perfect timing, and direct contact. Problem solved.